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About the Company
The STORY TIME FELTS company is based in Utah, USA. In 1992, two women — one from Idaho and one from Nevada — moved their families to Utah where they had found a warehouse that could house their new venture. The felts were initially brought into the warehouse and then distributed to consultants working across the country. The company was known as STORYTELLER FELTS at that time.
Later the company obtained their own printing and production equipment to produce the felt products in house. This has greatly increased the possibilities for developing new products including the printing of custom orders. With the new changes in the company came a new name — STORY TIME FELTS.
I was first introduced to Story Time Felts in 1998 when a consultant set up a display at a home daycare conference that I was attending. I purchased my first sets (Grandpa’s Farm) and (Fingerplay Fun) and eagerly waited to see how the children would react to the new learning resources. From the first time the children were able to SEE and TOUCH the felts they were immediately engaged. I was so excited to see how the children were interacting with the felts that I wanted to have more for them. I also wanted other children to have the same opportunity to play and learn with the felts. I immediately contacted the distributor for more information. Initially I sold products mostly to other home daycare providers and parents that saw their children enjoying the products at daycare.
With a military move to a one year posting where reopening my home daycare was not a possibility, it gave me the opportunity I needed to start my own felt business. Due to changes in how the felts were distributed in Canada the consultant process of an upline/downline ceased to exist but I was able to negotiate with the parent company to continue selling the Story Time Felts products in Canada.
I carry a small amount of felt stock at all times and sell directly to customers from my home, through craft/vendor type sales, homeschool conferences and daycare provider workshops as well as online through this website. Product takes about three weeks to arrive to me from the warehouse. Although my agreement with the company prevents me from selling back into the US, I am able to ship products anywhere in Canada or internationally. Do be aware that any literature included with the felt sets is available only in English at this time.